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Ancestors of Hui & Wang Chou Chien

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Chien, Hui Chien, Hui
b. b. 30 Dec 1906 Wan-Tan, Ping-Tung Co., Taiwan ROC
d. Nov 11, 1991 Kaohsiung, Kaohsiung Co., Taiwan
Lee Chun Chien, Chun
b. Wan-Tan Wan-Tan


Lee Ho Lee, Ho (2)
b. Wan-Tan Wan-Tan


Wang, Chou Wang, Chou
b. 11 Feb 1905 Wan-Tan, Ping-Tung Co., Taiwan
d. Mar 8, 1962, Kaohsiung, Kaohsiung Co., Taiwan
Wang Shin Wang, Shin
b. Wan-Tan Wan-Tan

Wang, Yin

Lee Mien Lee, Mien
b. Wan-Tan Wan-Tan

Lee, Man

Chen, Gu
(1) Generations back from 2000
(2) The family name was listed as Li not Lee in the 1974 offical "Translation of Extract of Household Registration", but Lee is the more common translation.
Note: Counties (sometimes called Prefectures, Shih or Hsien) were added during the Japanese occupation. e.g. Ping-Tung and Wan-Tan which are now in Ping-Tung Co. were originally part Kaohsiung Co.

Family Name History
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Wang (King) at Chinese Names and Yuoppian.
Lee (Pear) at Chinese Names and Yuoppian and Clan Lee Society of Taiwan (Big5).
I couldn't find a history for Chien.

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