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Jiân (Chien/Jean)1 Hui and Wang Chou


Chien, Hui Jiân, Hui
Born30 Dec 1906Wan-Tan, Taiwan, ROC
Marriedbef. 1930Wan-Tan
Moved1940/41Kaohsiung City
DeathNov 11, 1990Kaohsiung
FatherChien, Chun
MotherLee, Ho
Wang, Chou Wang, Chou
Born11 Feb 1905Wan-Tan, Taiwan, ROC
Marriedbef. 1930Wan-Tan
Moved1940/41Kaohsiung City
DeathMar 8, 1962Kaohsiung
FatherWang, Shin
MotherLee, Mien
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1. Translation of Chinese names to the roman alphabet (Romanization) sometimes has different results depending which which dictionary you use.
is translated to Jiân/Jean in the Pinyin system and Chien in the Wade-Giles system.
See Chinese translation.

Note: Although not early settlers this family is related to one the early California families through marriage. However, there were 25-30,000 Chinese who came to California to work on the Transcontinental Railroad between 1865 and 1870. See the Chinese Immigrant Page.

Hui was a farmer in Wan-Tan, Taiwan, who moved Kaohsiung in 1940/41 and opened a bicycle shop. As a business leader and potential threat to Chiang's tenuous rule, he was jailed briefly after the Nationalists, led by Chiang Kai-Shek, took over the government in 1949.

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