California Settlers FPC of Roseville Move to Evangelical PC
In December 2007 the Roseville (1,143 members) and Fair Oaks (2,286 members) Presbyterian Churches decided to leave the 2 M member Presbyterian Church USA for the more conservative Evangelical PC. From what I can tell it's over stances on social issues and interpretation of the Bible (inerrancy etc.); This seems to be the common problem, but I don't have any details. Some differences with churches and the governing body on the national level go back to stances on the Vietnam war and Equal Rights Amendment.

An article on the web said:
"Two of Sacramento Presbytery's largest churches and the Presbytery had negotiated an agreement to leave, with each church agreeing to give a gift to the local Presbytery. Fair Oaks would donate $250,000 and Roseville $160,000.

However, Westminster Presbyterian Church in Sacramento, Calif., filed a notice of appeal and request for a stay Dec. 22 with the Synod of the Pacific. The stay will be enforced until the synod's Permanent Judicial Commission addresses the Westminster Church filing. "

A 2010 article in Naming His Grace blog says that, "First Presbyterian Church of Roseville California will pay half the court cost and “they will pay $675,000 (about 10% of their church's appraised value) over a 20-year period at no interest."

In an 2011 Roseville Press-Tribune Article, Senior Pastor Jim Barstow said,

"The reason for the change was to be aligned with a denomination that we were in theological agreement with. There were numerous issues in the PCUSA that we found ourselves in disagreement over and felt we were far more in agreement with the (Evangelical Presbyterian Church)."

Name Change:
In 2011 First Presbyterian Church of Roseville changed their name to Centerpoint Community Church.

"Research shows that younger or "unchurched" people are more likely to go to a nondenominational church, which is the fastest-growing type of church", Barstow said in a Roseville Press-Tribune Article.
In a survey of local residents, church representatives presented people with a card with the original name and Centerpoint Community Church and asked which one they were more inclined to attend based on the name -- 75 percent said Centerpoint.

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