Excerpts from the biography of Josiah G. Gould (1819-1882), Profiles of the Past, 1982, pp. 3,4, Leonard Davis, author:

"...Josiah G. Gould was among the earliest to settle the fertile Dry Creek District west of Roseville who came to California in 1849 and the Dry Creek District in the early 1850s." "....familiarly known as "J.G." "He later located in Michigan where he married Catherine Donaldson (1830-1910) ..." "....J. G. Gould came to San Francisco via sailing vessel in 1849. He originally located on a ranch in the San Jose area..." ".....reportedly headed north to the Dry Creek District, locating on the first 160 acres of a ranch that would eventually be bounded by Dry Creek and present day P.F.E. (Pacific Fruit Express) and Walerga Roads back to the Dyer (later Riolo) ranch." "After having established title to his original ranch properties, J.G. Gould returned to Pennsylvania for his family. (Note from another biography: his wife Catherine and sons Oscar and John (whom he had never seen) were now living with her parents.) The Goulds returned to the Golden State via the Overland route in 1854 and began an uninterrrupted 125 years of occupancy." The article indicates that the Dyer family were neighbors to the Goulds--thus, Walter D. Gould and Emily Agnes Dyer married. (Copy of biography in J. G. Gould genealogy file)

An Illustration of J. G. Gould's home was found in: History of Placer Co. California with Illustrations and biographical Sketches of its Prominent Men and Pioneers, 1882. Book located at Carnegie Museum, Roseville, CA Copy of the illustration in J. G. Gould genealogy file and digital folder: Gould docs.