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The Isle of Arran, Scotland
(Pronunciation: 'ar-&n)
The Isle of Arran is in Bute county part of the Strathclyde administrative area. It is included in the Ayrshire & Arran section of at the Scottish Tourist Board.
The Isle of Arran is often called 'Scotland in miniature' for its range and wealth of scenery. Click on the maps and pictures below for expanded versions.

Arran & Scotland Information

Isle of Arran (click for larger view.)

Northern Ireland

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About Arran at Christine McBride's web site

Maps: Arran at UK
Kilmory/Shannochie, Arran
Arran at UK Street Map
, Arran at U. Edenburgh at U. of Edinburgh.

Lodging: Hotels & Guest House List
Our 5th cousins (At generation 2) had several lodging options in the South.

Christine McBride has several guest cottages which you can rent by the week. See Shannochie Cottages: Barnstable
Tel: +44 (1770) 820 291

Food: Restaurant list at

Weather: at the Weather Channel
Other: Brodick Yellow Pages

15 Skye Road, Unit 2
Prestwick, KA9 2TE
Scotland, UK
TEL: (011 44) 1292 673 743 (see note 1) Sights:
Access is a 12 mi. (55 Min.) ferry ride from Ardrossan.
Arran is 20 miles long and 56 miles around.
Of the island's 4500+ inhabitants, over 1000 live in the main port Brodick.

Scotland Information

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Currency Exchange Rate: £ 1 = $1.67
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Weather: at VisitScotland
The Weather Channel: Edinburgh, Inverness,

Telephone Directories: White Pages
UK Yellow Pages
Note 1: To call Scotland or England from the US you need to drop the leading "0" usually listed on their web pages and dial 011 44 first. (011 - International Access Code, 44 - Country code for UK)
For the Tourist Board "(01506) 832121", dial "011 44 1506 832121"

History, Culture, etc
Sample Travel Time/Distance
London to Edinburgh 403 mi. 6:45 hrs.
Edinburgh to Glasgow 45 mi. 1 hr.
London to Glasgow 405 mi. 6:30 hrs.
Glasgow to Arran 47 mi. 1:45 (incl Ferry)
Arran to Inverness (Lock Ness) 200 mi. 5 hrs (incl ferry )
Inverness to Edinburgh 157 mi. 3 1/4 hrs.
London to York 3 1/2 hrs.
York to Glasgow 213 mi. 3:45 hrs.
Carlisle to Ardrossan (Arran ferry) 2 hrs A74(M), A71
York to Leeds 45 min.

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