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Image produced from the Ordnance Survey Get-a-map service. Image reproduced with kind permission of Ordnance Survey and Multi Media Mapping.
This image was modified to add the ancient location of Balchrystie and Incharvie in Newburn Parish.
Interactaive Map | Balchrystie and Incharvie

Many of our Finley Ancestors were from the area around Perth and Fifeshire.

John and Andrew were in Perthshire in the late 1400's.
James was listed as "of Cupar" (West of St. Andrews) but in the late 1500's was in Balchrystie, Fifeshire.
James was born in 1631 in Newburn Parish, Balchrystie, Fifeshire.

Father Scott Archer wrote:

"Newburn Parish, is just a little northwest of old Balchrystie. This is not a great distance from where Largo, Scotland is today, and a short distance from Largo Bay in Fife. It's a lovely area, and not too far from St. Andrew's University, etc."

Alexander Finley was born in 1667 at Inchervie, St. Andrew's.

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Maps of Scotland 1560-1895 at the Digital Library of the Library of Scotland.

Thanks to Sandra Finley Schmidt and Father Scott Archer for ancient maps and help in locaating Balchrystie.

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