Soup: A.Q. 8.
Housemade charcuterie plate:salame cotto, spicy ciccioli, duck pâté 16.
Cheese plate: Buttermilk Blue, Campo de Montalban, Humboldt Fog 14.
Pork baby back ribs, barbeque sauce 9.
Grilled artichokes, Padron peppers, fingerling potatoes,
nora chili almond sauce, feta cheese
Filo stuffed with chicken sausage, spinach, yogurt and cilantro sauce 12.
Roasted beef marrow, truffle butter, parsley, garlic, arugula 13.
Marinated olives and spiced nuts 8.
Seasonal vegetable sauté 7.

Shaved fennel, arugula, radishes, sunflower seeds, cucumbers, pecorino 11.
Caesar salad: hearts of romaine, garlic croutons, anchovies, Parmesan 11.
Avocado stuffed with rock shrimp, citrus, jicama, ginger and endive 14.
Hummus with cauliflower, celery, carrots, Arabic spices 11.
Garden salad with breadstick 9. with Pt. Reyes blue cheese 11.

Duck sausage with blood orange, carrots, turnips, cipollini onions 26.
Spaghetti, smoked trout, red beets, butter, white wine, ricotta, chives18.
Seafood cassoulet: white beans, mussels, squid, rockfish, saffron, toasted bread crumbs 24.
Spit-roasted chicken, asparagus, Meyer lemon, thyme, provolonebread pudding 20.
Grilled BN Ranch lamb chop, green garlic butter, sunchokes, nettles, red potato gratin 28.
Grilled 16oz. ribeye steak, red wine shallot butter,French fries 34.
Grilled Rouge hamburger, onions,French fries15.

Hamburger extras:
cheddar cheese 1.25 Rouge bacon 1.25
portobello mushroom 1. Rick’s sauerkraut 1.5 avocado 1.5 truffled French fries 3.

Acme Pan epi with butter 2.
French fries 6.
Truffled French fries 9.
Rouge pickles 6.