Now at the Roseville Carnegie Museum & Archives

The poster reads,
  This Bell was used on the King Ranch to Summon the field hands to meals. The ranch extended from King road to Riverside south of present day Douglas Blvd.
  It was part of an annual ritual started by Annie King who rang the bell at midnight on the new years eve to signify the start of the new year.
  The last time that Annie rang the with the help of her grandchildren was on January 1, 1941.
  Her local grandchildren were Thomas (Sandy) McBride, Elanor Keehner Owen, and Kay King Gastman who donated this Bell to the Roseville Historical Society for the Carnegie Museum.

Thomas (Sandy) McBride son of Elva King and Arthur McBride
Elanor Keehner Owen daughter of Lelia King and William Christopher Keehner
Katheryn (Kay) King Gastman daughter of L. L. King Jr. and Leslie (Madge) Berry

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