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The magnitude 6.3 earthquake in Christ Church on Feb. 21 killed 148.
Many buildings which survived last September's magnitude 7.1 quake were destroyed.
Initial damage estimates were $15 billion NZ dollars ($11 B US) added to the $5 B for the quake 5 months ago.


Our cousin Ian and his wife Margaret lost their home.
(Ian is a fourth cousin once removed to us baby boomers born in the U.S.
Our G-G-G Grandfather, Thomas McBride, born on the the Isle of Arran in 1749, is Ian's G-G-G-G Grandfather.)

Ian says,
"We spent three nights in a tent in our garden, and spent 4 days from dawn to dusk feverishly mining as much as we could from the teetering ruin of our house, hoping like hell it wouldn't collapse on us while we were inside."

Still has his sense of humor:
"I'd have to say the event has considerably improved the home's indoor/outdoor flow, with more emphasis on outdoor than indoor."
"Great views; needs some TLC. Would suit keen DIY owners. Any offers?"

They had earthquake insurance but rumors are it could take many years to rebuild because of the long queue for construction.

0 Thomas McBride b. 1749, Isle of Arran, Scotland; d.
.  +Janet MacMillan b.
.  1 John McBride (bapt. 1781- Kilmory, Arran; d. 1809, Torrylin, Arran)
....  +Isabella MacDonald (bapt. 1782- W. Bennan; d. 1823- Kilmory, Arran)
                        (Aunt of Isabella MacDonald who married Donald)
....  2 Robert McBride (bapt. 1808- Scheanochie; d. 1843- Kilmory, Arran)
....... + Barbara Connel
.......  3 Robert McBride (b. 1839, Arran; d. 1943 South Africa)
..........  4 James McBride (b. 1865, Arran; d. 1943 South Africa)
.............  5 Cyril James McBride (b. 1906; d. 1985)
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