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Donald's headstone before and after cleaning. You can't use harsh chemicals without damaging the headstone, so some discoloration was left.

In early 2000, Nancy and Lee visited the New Mills Cemetery and were told that the engraving on the sandstone headstone of Donald's sister, Mary, had flacked off and needed to be repaired.
Thomas and I went up in 2003 and spent several days trying to find someone to repair it. Everyone wanted to sell us a new stone. We finally found a mason who said he could create a new cement stone with the same color and imbed the flacked off pieces with the engraving in it. He did it and it looked pretty good.
  In 2008 I got a call from a relative (I misplaced her name) there saying the engraving had fallen off. I called the mason and left a message asking if he could fix it, but never heard back and could not reach him after that. So, I went up again in 2010. It looked like I could epoxy the flacked off pieces back onto the cement piece which was still standing but shaky. Arthur Taylor, the man in charge of the cemetery suggested I talk to a guy at the historical society in Dalhousie, who had been working on restoring cemeteries.
  I spent a morning there looking thru literature he had on headstone repair, which indicated you needed a special epoxy because of the difference in the coefficient of expansion of the sandstone and cement in the bad weather up there.
  So, I put the pieces (more were missing this time) in a large container and Arthur said he would keep them until next year.
Stay tuned.
Mary's headstone after repair in 2003

last updated 26 Dec 2010