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Note the signature is by Grant's secretary.

Jonathan Sikes established a homestead on a quarter section (152 acres *) in the Tremont District, of Solano Co. just south of Davis, Yolo Co. in 1856. In 1869 he was granted ownership of this land under the Homestead Act of 1862. He received this Homestead Certificate on June 1, 1869.

The Homestead Act, which became law on Jan. 1, 1863, allowed anyone to file for a quarter-section of free land (160 acres). The land was yours at the end of five years if you had proof of settlement and cultivation as provided by existing laws granting preŽmption rights. built a house on it, dug a well, broken (plowed) 10 acres, fenced a specified amount, and actually lived there. In 1976 it expired in all the states but Alaska, where it ended in 1986.

* Normally a quarter section is 160 acres (one half mile by one half mile), but because of a surveying error when the the section markers were originally layed out by the government, sections in this area are slightly smaller.

It is listed in the California Land Patents Database.

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