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This site started as a project to document the authors ancestors, all of whom migrated to Northern California in the 19th century. Over time has expanded to some of the neighboring families in the small northern Califormia farming communities where they settled in the second half of the 19th century.
I've also started including information on some families who were connected thru marriage.

These pages represent the work of Aunts, Uncles and Cousins, to whom I'm grateful for sharing their information. Most the sources are listed under the source links at the bottom each family page. I have removed e-mail addresses for these people to shield them from the spammers, but you can send me a message and I can put you in touch with them.

I have pretty much exhausted existing sources of information from family members and the Web. Any help in doing original research to find misssing links would be greatly appreciated.

This started off as a project to supplement the Sikes/Sykes Families Association Web Page by including a history the California branch the family. It quickly grew to include related families who were also early California Settlers.


As we moved back in time, I made a common mistake amateur genealogists, which was to take information no matter what the source at face value. As a consequence I have added to the confusion that already exists with genealogy databases on the Internet. These pages should be considered as a guide to doing further research which will verify and document the information here. We will try to find a way to indicate the accuracy of links as we move forward. Please let us know if you see mistakes.
See: The Use and Abuses of Online Genealogy


We started with information gathered by descendants the California Settlers listed here. It ranged from handwritten notes to manuscripts with detailed genealogies done by serious genealogists. It generally covered the period 1800-1950.

As we extended it back in time we were lucky to find genealogists for most family lines who had information covering the period from 1613-1850. One went back to 1263. Most the sources are listed under the source links at the bottom each family page.
Some the information was taken from Web sources with unknown reliability. We hope to differentiate those in the future.

We also have pointers to information at the Family Search Web pages. These are less reliable and have know errors, but at the time were the easiest means extending these pages with web links. As they become available we are adding links to genealogies at other sites such as Family Tree Maker and Roots Web. We welcome corrections and additions and will pass them on the original information sources.

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