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Myrtle Viola Hellar Seaver or Aunt Myrtle as she was known to the McBride family, was Elva King McBrides Aunt, even though Myrtle, born in 1890 was was 7 years younger than Elva born in 1883.

An abbreviated family tree;
Thomas Hellar (1824 - 1907)
+ Eliza Knock (b. 1826, England; d. 1887)
  Catherine Annie Hellar (1862 - 1914)
    + Lewis Leroy King
        Elva King (1883 - 1996)
      + Arthur McBride
Thomas Hellar (1824 - 1907)
+ Clara Bridge (b. 1866 Padiham, Lancashire, England *; m. 17 Feb 1889; d. 1896 San Francisco
        2nd wife (married 1889, Alemeda Co.) Thomas was 75
   Myrtle Viola Hellar (4 Nov. 1890 - 1992)
    + William H. Seaver (b. 1872, NJ; m. 1916, Placer Co; d. 1936; Placer Co)

* I found several Clara Bridges born in England in Family Search, but the record didn't have a marriage or death date.
She was born in San Francisco. I'm still looking for information on her mother, Clara Bridges.
Myrtle's father is shown as Samuel Hellar on her death certificate. All the evidence points to that being a mistake. See my notes at Myrtle Genealogy. Myrtle's father, Thomas Hellar was 76 when she was born to him and his second wife. Her mother died when she was 6. Her father died when Myrtle was 17.

Annie Hellar King was Myrtle's half-sister, who was 28 years older.

Sometime after that Myrtle went to Roseville to live with her half-sister Annie Hellar King and her family, including Myrtle's nice, Elva King McBride, who was 7 years older than her.

Myrtle married William H. Seaver who I think was a photographer.
I know he was quite a craftsman. He made things out of WW I shell casings. I have this magnifying glass that is jeweler quality.

I remember visiting her with my parents in the 50s when she was a nurse and traveling companion for a wealthy family in San Francisco. She traveled with them through Europe.

Breaking her hip and moving to a nursing/assisted living home in Auburn didn't slow her down. Mom and Dad used to visit her regularly and she was always zipping around in her wheelchair organizing bridge games and other activities.

We have a 5 or 6 afghans that she had knitted.
This 2 ft. square model of a victorian house was hers.

For many years the McBride and Anderson families got together for Aunt Myrtle's birthday.

Myrtle genealogy quandary.

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