Calif. Families Lewelling John McBride connection
  John Lewelling (1811 NC - 1883 St. Helena, CA)
    (Moved to California Gold Countryin 1850, to St. Helena in 1864)
 + Elvy Elliot ( 1816 Indiana -  1907 St. Helena) 
   Sarah Lewelling (1833 Indiana - 1865 Iowa) 
   + Robert King (1828 Iowa - 1864 Iowa)
     Lewis Leroy King (1855 San Jose - 1914 Roseville, CA) 
     + Catherine (Annie) Heller (1862 Hayward, CA - 1941 Roseville, CA)
       Elva May King (1883 San Lorenzo, CA -1966 Roseville, CA)
       + Arthur Thomas McBride (1881 Antelope CA - 1966 Roseville)
The Lewelling Family, including John's brothers, Henderson and Seth moved from North Carolina to Indiana in 1830 then to Salem, Iowa in 1837.
Henderson took the Oregon Trail to Salem Oregon in 1847.
He is know for his encounter with Indians on the way.

John came to Gold Country in 1850 With Seth, to Mission San Jose in 1853, then to St. Helena in 1864.

John established Lewelling Vineyards in St. Helena Ca. in 1864

Seth went up to Oregon to join Joined Henderson in 1850.
Seth is known for developing the bing cherry in 1875.
The bing has the largest share of the cherry market, originally accounting for half of cherry sales. It was still the leading seller, 16% in 2018 and 9% (tied with sweetheart) in 2021.

Seth and Henderson apparently had a falling out. Henderson went to California. He then established orchards in what is know the Fruitvale Section of Oakland CA and San Lorenzo, CA
Lewelling Blvd. in San Lorenzo is named for him.
He is known as the Father of the Pacific Fruit Industry

Lewis Leroy King, grandson of John Lewelling, established the Cherry Glen section of Roseville, CA, south of Douglas Boulevard.

Henderson Lewelling (1809 NC - 1883 Oakland, CA)
Seth Lewelling (1820 NC - 1896 Milwaukee, OR)