Calif. Families McBride Arthur Thomas & Elva McBride telephone connection Antelope Mutual Telephone Association
last updated 2 Nov 2019

Antelope Telephone Company was a farmer line in Antelope outside of Roseville, CA.
Ray Gould - President
Arthur McBride - Secretary - Business Manager
Preston Rhodes; Edward Ackeret and George Jugarakis - Vice President
Thomas (Sandy) McBride - Lineman

 1901 - Founded - Switchboard in the Antelope Store
 1926 - Transfered from Pacific Telephone to Roseville Telephone
    Apparently the connection to Pacific Tel was along Railroad
    right of way, because they had to approve it.
 1953 - Convert Magneto Phones to Dial - Connect to Pacific Tel.
 1956 - 3 lines with 29 customers