Calif. Families McBride Coat of Arms - Crest
MacDonald Clan Ranald of scotland

My ancestors came from the Isle of Arran Scotland.
We have ancestors who were MacDonalds and it is commonly accepted that we are of MacDonald Clan Ranald
However my DNA matches more Northern Irish than Scottish.
See Northern Ireland McBride Coat of Arms below.
From Southern Arran you can see Ireland on a good day.
Coat of Arms: A shield divided quarterly: Motto: My Hope is Constant in Thee
McBrides of Northern Ireland
There are many McBrides in northern Ireland.
My DNA testing showed I'm related to more Northern Irish than Scottish.
From Southern Arran you can see Northern Ireland on a good day.
There was a lot of movement back and forth

Mcbride Coat of Arms, Family Crest - Mcbride Name Origin History and Meaning of Symbols
or Silver
Denotes Peace and Sincerity
Gules/Red "The Martyr's colour", signifies Military Fortitude and Magnanimity.
The Chevron Denotes Protection. Often granted as a reward
to one who has achieved some Notable Enterprise.
Chief Dominion, authority, wisdom, achievement in battle.
Fish Symbol of Christ
Red Rose Signifies Beauty and Grace.

Family Crest - Early Origins of the McBride family

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