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Brief Timeline:
1874 Grange #161 was established by George R. Grant as the Roseville Grange
1908 Moved to Lauppe Hall above the store
1908 Purchased 10 acres on N. Antelope Rd. from J.F. Cross
1910 Name officially changed to "Antelope Grange", but a new charter was not
     obtained until 1923.
1915-16 a new two-story building was built on the property.
1947  Renovation
1973 - The hall was destroyed by fire after the explosion of 17 railroad cars
       loaded with ammunition.
Meetings were moved to the Citrus Heights Community hall

Arthur McBride and Ray Gould with Grange Patrons of Husbandry certificate/charter.

Thanks to Roy Ackeret, the last Master of the Antelope Grange, for much of this information.

last updated 15 Sep 2009