The Antelope Sewing Club was originated by Mrs. Mary (Max) Holling after her son, Elmer, was killed in WWII; she honored his memory by inviting farm wives to a weekly meeting to make Red Cross Bandages. The women "brown bagged" their lunch. When the bandages were no longer needed, the women decided to meet monthly for lunch and handwork - mending, knitting, crocheting, etc. Fourteen met for the first time on January 17, 1945 with Mary Holling and Dollie Schellhous and hostesses. Those attending were Catherine (McBride) Anderson, Mabel Black, Nellie Downing, Jessica Jugarakis, Ethel Lauppe, Elva and Ruth McBride, Gladys O'Rell, Alma Pruett, Bea Gould, Minnie Thompson and Mary Van Epen. Edna Rhodes and Jean McBride, who were caring for newborn children at the time, joined the group later in the year.
Pat Kamrar joined the group in 1951.

Sacramento Red Cross Parade Based on the car in this picture it is pre 1945. If anyone knows the date, let me know.

Many of the descendants of these women and their spouses continue to meet today.

Christmas Party 1989
Back: Ivy Rhodes, Pat Kamrar, MaryAnn Reeder, Evelyn Downing, Jean McBride, Nancy Gould, Ruth McBride
Front: Alma Pruett, Edna Rhodes and Emily Reeder

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