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Alvin Sikes & Clara Thomas


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George Alvin Sikes was born in 1880, on the ranch his father, Jonathan, established in the Tremont district of Solano Co. between Davis and Dixon, CA.

He met Clara Thomas while on vacation on Adams Springs ResortHe married Clara Thomas in 1914 and they had 3 children Jean, Jack and Dorthy.

Alvin modernized the ranch. He got a car, a Velie, sometime prior to getting married in 1914 and a tractor around 1918, however he kept his buggy horse"Bud" so he could get around with the buggy when the roads were too muddy forthe car. He also kept two mules, Maud & Jerry, to pull the hay wagon andseeder. He replaced the coal oil lamps with a 72 volt Delco home lighting system in 1922.He also added indoor plumbing.

In the days before genetically engineered crops, herbicides and synthetic nitrogen fertilizers, he produced quality crops with a combination of good soil and hard work. His method of weed control was to meet his children on their way back from school and have them walk the last 1/4 mile through the wheat field with him pulling weeds as they went along. He always got the top price for his grain because it was so clean.

He continued to farm the ranch until 1951 when he turned it over to Jack. Alvin died in 1960 in Davis, CA.

The ranch is still owned by the family and leased to a local farmer.

DNA test results for one of his descendants confirm Alvin is related to Richard and also the majority of Sykes in England, including Bryan Sykes, the Oxford geneticist and author and Sir Richard, chairman of GlaxoSmithKline and most likely to William del Sykes who farmed near Flockton, Yorkshire, England around 1280.
Many, probably a majority, of Sikes/Sykes in the U.S. are descended from other Sikes/Sykes immigrants who settled in the southern U.S. (NC, VA) and they are not directly related to us.

William B. Davis M.D grandson of Alvin
Ben Davis Great Grandson of Alvin

Source: "Past Reflections, Growing up on the Sikes Ranch", Jean Sikes, 1992

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