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Alvin & Clara Sikes Family

Family Picture at the Sikes Ranch around 1950

From the back left: Bill Davis with Pamela, Dorothy, Jean, Sandy, Jack, Alvin, Pat, Clara.
Front: Dale, Donnie, Kathie, Caroline, Stephen. Frank and Billy not born yet.

Clara and Alvin with Jean and Jack

Solano School 1925

(Source: Dixon - The Dixon Women's Improvement Club - Google Books page 87)
Solano School Pupils in 1925 included Jack Sikes (third from the left), and Alta Eggert and Jean Sikes, who were the only two girls in the school.
Note: the book has Jack mislabeled as the tall boy.
Here is an excerpt from Jean Sikes' graduation speech:
"Most of the time Jack and I walked to school about one and a half miles from our home. We didn't have much of any supervision on the playground. When we went out for recess or lunch hour we were on our own. If we chose to go down and play in the slough, we were free to do so. This was especially fun when the teacher had here boyfriend come to visit during lunch hour. We would get an hour-and-a-half or two hours for lunch" (Courtesy of Pat Pipkin.)

Dixon High School 1933

(Source: Dixon - page 76)
Faculty member Florence Eggert with her 19 students; (first row) Guenivere Hissey, Elanor Ashby, Bonnie Simpson, Jean Sikes, Marie Rossi, Alta Eggert, and Albertine Collier; (second row) James Coveney, Ben King Jr., Roy Schroeder, Alfred Kilkenny, Clifton Ratten bury and Robert Collier; (third row) Florence Eggert, Edna Bibby, Dorothy Pedrick, Lillian Miller, Richard Parkhurst, Jack Sikes, and unidentified.

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