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Date: Tue, 24 Apr 2001 11:24:56 -0400
From: "Robert J. Milevski" <milevski@phoenix.Princeton.EDU>
Subject:  Re: Document Preservation

There was a report out of the Canadian Conservation Institute, I believe, a
few years ago or more, than investigated whether the exposure to the bright
light of scanning or photocopying would harm the constituent materials of a
paper object being filmed or scanned.  If I recall correctly, the
investigator found that the very short duration exposure to the intense
light did no recordable or noticeable/visual damage to the object.  This
would assume that there were not intensely light sensitive components
making up the object, such as some colored inks.

I have searched on the internet and have not been able to locate a
reference to this report for you to consult.  Another site,, has an extensive list of
reference sources regarding digitization that you can consult online that
should provide you with enough information to reach your own conclusion.

Also, the home page of this site,, has a
link to the organization AIC, American Institute for Conservation.  AIC can
provide you with the names of conservators in your area with whom you might
call for information or consultation.  Any names they provide you should
not be construed as endorsement of any of them, however.  AIC merely
provides lists of members with particular conservation specialties; this
list does not indicate capability, authority, certification, etc.


Robert Milevski

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