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Some say that Scots and Scotland got its name from Scota, wife of Neull. Others say it came from the wife of Milesius, brother of Colla Haish; She was also named Scota and was the daughter of an Egyptian pharaoh.

At Founder Scots DNA they say:
Colla Uais, one of the three Collas, the sons of Eochaid Doimhlen, ruled the kingdom of Dalriada in the fourth century. After a four year reign, he was expelled with his brothers by Muiredach Tirec. The three Collas went into exile in Alba (Scotland), but later returned to rule the kingdom of Airgialla.1

In Important Dalriadic Ancestral Genetic Signature Identified at the MacDonald Genetic Project they say:
"The Clan Donald USA Genetic Project has identified the genetic signature of Colla Uais, father of Dalriada. Clan Donald has historically considered itself as a branch of Clan Colla and as children of Conn. Colla was High King of Ireland who seized Ulster and then took his followers to Scotland around 325AD. Colla's descendants Fergus, Loarn and Angus (sons of Erc) were the principal foundation lines reestablishing the Scottish kingdom of Dalriada around 465AD. Colla was believed a great great great grandson of Conn of the Hundred Battles, High King of Ireland circa 150AD.

The Three Collas at Wikipedia

At Founder Scots DNA they say:
A 2003 DNA study conducted by Bryan Sykes, discovered that many Scottish clan leaders, (i.e.: MacDonalds, MacDougalls and MacAlisters, to name a few) all shared the same DNA signature. Their paper trails led back to the great Somerled of Argyll, b. abt. 1100 AD, who drove Viking invaders from Scotland, and was founder of Clan Donald. An ironic twist is that this genetic profile reveals Norse heritage.

In 2005 a study by Professor of Human Genetics Bryan Sykes of Oxford University led to the conclusion that Somerled has possibly 500,000 living descendants - making him the second most common historical ancestor after Genghis Khan.

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