7 Josiah Gould (b. 1819 ; d. 1882 CA)
  +Catherine Donaldson (b.; d.  )
 . 6 John D. Gould (b. 1841; d. 1908 ) [Ancestors]
 .  +Jennie Still (b. 1861, San Francisco; d. 1932 )
 . .  5  Raymond (Ray) D Gould (b. 28 Mar 1879; d. )
 . .    +Olive Berry
 . . .   6 Adrian
 . . .   6 Phillis 
 . . .   6 Donald 
 . . .   6 Mildred 

 . .  5  Arthur (Artie) Volney Gould (b. 6 Mar 1881; d. 11 Nov 1976 )
 . .    +Beatrice (Bea) Pruett (b. 24 Mar 1904; d. 28 Nov 1981)

Ray Gould - 1954

Notes on Josiah Gould family tree (S. Torguson) Per Clara Clary, Josiah and Catherine Gould's daughter, "Josiah came around Horn in 1848. Spent one year in Placer Co. working in mines. Went back around Horn and brought Catherine Donaldson back for wife. Packed across Isthmus of Panama. Built 12-room brick house in Placer Co. in 1852 in Roseville. Walter Donaldson Gould and his daughter, Clara Agnes were both born in this house. Placer Co. History has pictures."
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RAYMOND D. GOULD.--A prominent and wealthy orchardist and grain farmer is found in Raymond D. Gould, who owns a ranch of 105 acres at Antelope, Cal., thirty-five acres of which is in full-bearing almond trees. He is the eldest of four sons and was born March 28, 1879, near Antelope, across the line in Placer County on the old Dry Creek home place of his parents, J. D. and Jennie Gould, early California pioneers. Raymond D. Gould began his education in the district school in the vicinity of his home, and after completing the course he entered the Huxley Business College in Sacramento, where he remained for six months. Returning to his country home, he became closely associated with his father in ranch work. Being thrifty, he saved his money and when nineteen years of age purchased ninety acres from an uncle, for which he paid $2,500; this is a portion of his present home place.
The marriage of Mr. Gould united him with Miss Olive Berry, a native of Sacramento County, a daughter of William Berry, pioneer settler of Sacramento, who now resides at Roseville. Four children have been born to Mr. and Mrs. Gould: Adrian, employed in the California National Bank, Sacramento; Donald; Phillis; and Mildred. For many years, Mr. Gould has been an active member of the State Grange and is now serving his third term as president of the Antelope Almond Growers' Association; he is also a member of the State Exchange. Mr. Gould was one of the organizers of the Railroad National Bank at Roseville, which was granted a charter in February, 1923. Mr. Gould serves on the board of directors; but his chief interest lies in his home ranch at Antelope.
Source: Reed, G. Walter, History of Sacramento County, California

J.G. and O.J. Gould both served on the board of the Center Joint Unified School District

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