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Sikes Home

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Sikes Home 1890. The lower two story portion, to the right, was built sometime in the 1860's.
The higher two story section, to the left, was built in 1875.
The Jonathan Sikes Family standing in front, from left to right
Clara Bell Sikes, Alice Irene Sikes, George Alvin Sikes, Caroline Woodley (Palmer) Sikes, Elsie Lenore Sikes, Jonathan Sikes, Maud Palmer and Frank Palmer.

Jonathan added the front section after he and Caroline were married. It contained a living room and parlor on either side of a hall connecting the older section of the house to the new front door and porch, and also contained a new stairway to the upstairs. Upstairs were two bedrooms, one on either side of the hallway, as well as a door to a porch matching the one downstairs. The older portion of the house contained a kitchen, a large pantry, and a dining room. Upstairs were one larger bedroom and two small ones. (One of these ultimately became a bathroom.) The stairs for this section went up from the back porch. After the new section was built, these older bedrooms were accessed from the new upstairs hall. The new front portion of the house was more elaborate than the older section. The doors, staircase, and window frame were all solid walnut. The parlor was furnished with Victorian style furniture consisting of a love seat, platform rocker, arm chair, four smaller occasional chairs, and a marble top table. Lace curtains were at the windows and the window shades were usually pulled down. The bedrooms were furnished with spool style walnut beds and a wash stand. The wash stand contained a large porcelain wash bowl and pitcher of water, and a towel rack on the back. In the cabinet below was a chamber pot for use as a toilet during the night. There was also a marble top dresser, which was made of walnut. The marble top fit above the drawers and a large mirror was fastened to the back. This was the master bedroom. The furnature is still in the family.

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Source: "Past Reflections, Growing up on the Sikes Ranch" and "Epilogue", Jean Sikes, 1992

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