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Carl Keehner was born in Auerbach, near Amtmosbach, in Baden, Germany. He was the son of George and Margaret Keehner, the former a blacksmith, and the fouth of eight children. He attended the excellent schools of the Fatherland, and there served a three-year apprenticeship to the blacksmith trade. In 1867 he came to came to America, settling first at Noblesville, Indiana, for about a year and a half working as a blacksmith. Then he and his sister Sophie, who became the wife of Henry Basse, at New Auburn, came to New Auburn in 1869, and the next year he moved to Roseville and lived there until he died.

The Keehner house was on a small hill know as "Bonnie Knoll" just south of Douglas St. Their property ajoined the King property and extended east from what is now Keehner Ave.

-2. Carl Andreas Kuehner (b. Abt. 1760 in Auerbach, Baden, Germany.)
   +Elisabeth EBERLE
. -1. Johann Georg Keehner (b. 29 Aug 1787 in Auerbach, Germ.; d. 4 Apr 1837  Auerbach,  Germ.)
   . +Eva Catharina FEYHOFFER.
. 0. John George Keehner (b. 22 Mar 1822 in Auerbach, Germ.; d. 1890  Auerbach,  Germ.)
   . +Marie Mararetha BENDER
.. 1. Charles Gottfried Keehner (b. 1847, Auerbach, Baden, Germany;
          d. 1932 , Roseville, CA)
       +Louisa Oceana Zeh (b. 1857, Atlantic Ocean; d. 1950, Roseville, CA) 
...  2. LOUISE KEEHNER (b. July 18, 1875; d. Nov 1876.
...  2. BABY, b. Sep 23, 1876, Roseville, CA; d. Oct 1876, Roseville, CA.
...  2. CHARLES GODFRY KEEHNER (b. Nov 26, 1877, Roseville, CA;
                                   d. July 21, 1959, Berkeley, CA.)
       +Myrtle Sawtelle
....  2. EDWARD KEEHNER (b. July 24, 1879, Roseville, CA; d. Sep 16, 1952.)
...  2. William Christopher Keehner ( b. 1881, Roseville, CA; d. 1977, Roseville, CA)
       +Lelia Eliza King (b. 1885, San Larenzo, CA; d. 1961, Roseville, CA   
...  2. EMMA KEEHNER (b. Jan 08, 1883, Roseville, CA; d. Feb 07, 1967, Roseville, CA)
...    +Albert S. Teal ( b. Abt. 1880; d. July 18, 1952, Roseville, CA.
...  2. CARRIE KEEHNER (b. Oct 02, 1886, Roseville, CA;
                       d. March 27, 1987, Roseville, CA)
...     +JR. FRANK LEWIS KING (b. Mar 16, 1885, Virginia;
                     d. Aug 10, 1971, Roseville, CA.)

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Five Keehner Generations Visit In Roseville, Press-Tribune Dec, 1965


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