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Statue in Conwy's town square
The Lewellings are descended from Prince Llewellyn according to several accounts.

Prince Llewellyn, the last native Prince of Wales, lead the people of the mountains of Snowdon against Edward the 1st of England and swept the English from Wales in 1256. He died in battle in one account in 1282 and another says 1240.

Llewellyn was married to Eleanor de Montfort, who's uncles included a king of England and a king of France and a holy Roman Emperor.

He was a patron to Hywel Voel who was a Druid and Bard. He was initiated into the Order of the Knights of Templars in 1279.

Some references to Prince Llewellyn

There is a famous folktale about Llewellyn's Dog Gellert which saved a baby from wolves, but was killed before the Prince discovered Gellert actually saved the baby rather than killed it.

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