This safe belonged to Lewis Leroy (LL) King, Elva McBride's father. He established the first real-estate and insurance business in Roseville.

It was at the McBride Ranch, then Dad (Sandy) had it at our Antelope Rd. home and their mobile home in Citrus Heights where it was in shed and got pretty rusty.
Neither Dale nor I can remember if Dad ever had it at his Ralston Purina Feed store on Auburn Blvd.

Dad was the only one who could open it even though we had the combination.
Dale found out when he refurbished it that written combination was off by 1 number. I think Dad had been opening it for years with subconscious muscle memory and just looked at where the numbers were when he wrote it down and the dial may have been between 2 numbers.

From Dale:
The Safe was stored in the outdoor shed at Mom and Dad's mobile home in Citrus Heights for years and collected dampness all winter. All of the chipped and worn areas were rusting and the paint was faded and peeling. I took it to a custom auto shop that did specialty painting and lettering. They sandblasted it down to bare metal and reproduced the paint and lettering exactly. The interior is all original.
I also had a locksmith remove the brass dial which had only a little of the original chrome left and had it rechromed. The new paint has some chipped areas from being moved with a hand truck a few times (not easy to do) Dale