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This is a page with links for interesting family history data for the descendants of Arthur Thomas McBride and his wife Elva King.

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Ancestors of Arthur McBride and Elva King
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Arthur Thomas McBride
b. 1881, Antelope, CA
d. 1962, Antelope, CA
Thomas McBride
b. 1839, Kilmory, Arran Scotland Scotland
d. 1892, Antelope, CA
Donald McBride
b. 1799, Arran Scotland
d. 1879, Archibald, NB, Canada
Isabella MacDonald
b. 1815, Arran Scotland
d. 1891, NB, Canada
Martha Emma Finley
b. 1856, Troy MO
d. 1947, Santa Ana, CA
Andrew Ramsey Finley
b. 1818, Shelbyville, KY
d. 1896 Santa Ana, CA
Caroline Gibson
b. 1830 Lincoln Co., MO
d. 1901 Santa Ana, CA
Elva May King
b. 1883, San Larenzo, CA
d. 1966, Roseville, CA
Lewis Leroy King
b. 1855, San Jose, CA
d. 1914, Roseville, CA
Robert King
b. 1828, in Morgan Co.,Ohio
d. 1864, New Providence, Iowa.
Sarah Lewelling
b. 1833, Henry Co., IN
d. 1865, New Providence, Iowa.
Catherine (Annie) Hellar
b. 1862, Hayward, CA
d. 1941, Roseville, CA
Thomas Hellar
b. 1812, Hagerstown, MD
d. 1897, ? CA
Eliza Knock
b. 1826/7, Shereness, Kent,England
d. 1887
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