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Thomas McBride & Emma Finley


Thomas McBride
Born1839Kilmory, Arran Scotland
Moved1851New Brunswick Canada
Movedc. 1870Roseville, CA
Married1879Santa Ana, CA
Death1892Antelope, CA
FatherDonald McBride
MotherIsabella MacDonald
Ancestry100% Scotch
Martha Emma Finley
Born1856Troy, MO
Moved1871Roseville, CA
Married1879Santa Ana, CA
Moved1892Santa Ana (Tustin), CA
Death1947Santa Ana, CA
Buried1947Roseville, CA
FatherAndrew Ramsey Finley
MotherCaroline Gibson
Ancestry1/16 Irish
Children: Arthur Thomas, Agnes Finley, John Leslie, Bernice Ramsey. Family Picture

Thomas was born on the Isle of Arran, Scotland and came to New Brunswick Canada with his father, Donald, in 1851. He moved to Roseville probably around 1870. He married Emma Finley in 1879. They moved into the house that Emma's father A.R. Finley built in 1872-73. Thomas farmed the land there until he passed away in 1892.

In 1882, Thomas along with A. B McRae and Robert Ferguson were instrumental in building the first Presbyterian Church on Vernon Street, where the current City Hall stands.

When Thomas passed away in 1892, Emma moved with her children to Santa Ana where her family had moved.

Most of the children stayed in the Santa Anna area, but Arthur Thomas moved back to Antelope and took over the family farm eventually buying his siblings out.

Family Ancestry
Thomas McBride b prob. 1749 Kilmory Parish Arran, Scotland 
 m Janet MacMillan b ? Kilchaton Parish, Isle of Bute
  Donald McBride b 1799 Arran, Scotland d. 1879, New Mills, New Brunswick Canada
  m Isabella MacDonald b 1815, Westbennen, Arran,Scotland d 1891, New Mills, NB Canada
   Thomas McBride b 7 Aug 1839, Arran Scotland; d 20 Oct 1892, Roseville, CA
   m Martha Emma Finley b 7 May 1856, Troy, MO;  d 21 May 1947, Santa Ana, CA
     Arthur Thomas McBride b 30 May 1881, Antelope, CA; d 26 Apr 1962, Antelope, CA
     m Elva May King b 1 Jul 1883, San Larenzo, CA;  d 20 May 1966, Roseville, CA
     Agnes Finley McBride b 30 Oct 1882, Antelope, CA; d 1973, Santa Ana, CA 
     m Edgerton Benjamin Sprague b 25 Nov 1880, Windsor, VT; d 1975, Santa Ana, CA
     John Leslie McBride b 11 May 1886, Antelope, CA; d 11 Dec 1962, Santa Ana, CA
     m Ella Irene Maxwell b 27 Aug 1886, Wetmore KA;
     Bernice Ramsey McBride b 3 Apr 1890, Antelope, CA; d 5 May 1976, Pamona, CA
McBride Plot at Roseville Cemetery
Popular Names: Thomas, Arthur, Donald

Emma's Story

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