McBride Plot at Roseville Cemetery

last updated 17 Mar 2021

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The main McBride Section pictured above is two Lots, 125 and 126 in Section OC (Old Cemetery) at the corner of Pioneer and Wild Rose.

Occupant List
Name Location Vet Date of
Burial Type Age
Anderson, Catherine Agnes RPCD-0C-126-5 N 12/15/1981 Cremation 72
Anderson, Joseph Odis RPCD-0C-126-5 Y 11/13/1987 Cremation 87
ANDERSON, MERCEDES ELAINE RPCD-0C-126-6 N 03/14/2014 Cremation 84
Anderson, Michael Joel RPCD-0C-126-5 N 2
Anderson, Robert Odis RPCD-OC-126-6 Y 09/23/2011 Cremation 81
Chien, Joanna Mei Yu RPCD-OC-126-4 N 03/29/1997 Cremation 49 Donís wife
Hansen, Edward Lee RPCD-OC-126-8 Y 06/28/2003 Cremation 71
Hansen, Nancy L Anderson RPCD-0C-125-8 2020 Cremation
MARTIN, MARGARET LOUISE RPCD-OC-126-7 N 05/10/2019 Cremation 81
McBride, Andrew Donald RPCD-OC-126-6 N 08/12/1933 Cremation 22
McBride, Arthur Thomas, Jr. RPCD-OC-126-4 N 08/03/1996 Cremation 80
McBride, Arthur Thomas, Sr. RPCD-0C-126-5 N 06/20/1962 Cremation 81
McBride, Elva King RPCD-0C-126-4 N Cremation 82
McBride, Jean Sikes RPCD-OC-126-4 N 02/09/2002 Cremation 86
McBride, John RPCD-OC-42-5 N 02/25/1947 Casket 31 Brother of Thomas
McBride, Margaret RPCD-OC-125-8 N Casket 93 Sister of Thomas
McBride, Martha Emma Finley RPCD-0C-126-7 N 05/22/1947 Casket 91 Mother
McBride, Miriam Louise Eastin RPCD-OC-126-7 N 02/05/2009 Cremation 99
McBride, Ruth E. RPCD-0C-126-8 N 03/16/2004 Cremation 93
McBride, T. Kenneth RPCD-OC-126-8 N 06/19/1985 Cremation 79
McBride, Thomas RPCD-OC-126-8 N Casket 42 Father
McBride, Wesley Louis RPCD-OC-126-7 N 02/22/2002 Cremation 95

See notes for a larger diagram and notes on headstone size, etc.

Margaret McBride (1853-1947) (sister of Thomas) is in space 8
John McBride died 8/7/1873 age 31, brother of Thomas is in Lot 42, which is north on the other side of Pioneer St.

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