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Note: In 2011 they changed their name to Centerpoint Community Church. See why.

Four of the families in this genealogy web site, the Finleys, Gladneys, McBrides and Kings were involved in the founding and growth of the First Presbyterian Church of Roseville over the first 120 years of its life.
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The following history came from:
1. The 1985 "Building for God's Glory" campaign to raise funds for the new Worship Center.
2. Presbyterian Chhurch Beginnings in Roseville Califorina, by Jean and Sandy McBride for the 60 year celebration in 1949.
3. "Centennial Recollections; A History of the First Presbyterian Church of Roseville", prepared for the 1976 Centennial by Margaret Sepponen.
4. Addendum to First Presbyterian Church History for 1976 Centennial, by Mary Beth Watson.

First Presbyterian Church of Roseville 1882 The First Presbyterian Church of Roseville started over 100 years ago. Farmers, storekeepers, railroad workers, miners and their families met regularly in the Roseville school house as various itinerant ministers conducted services. This visionary group laid the foundation of the first Presbyterian Church in 1882 on Vernon Street. Men instrumental in building the Vernnon Street church were Thomas, McBride, A. B. McRae and Robert Ferguson.

Early members listed in historical records for 1988 were:
Mrs. Emma McBride, Mrs. Margaret McRae, Mrs. Elisabeth Kerr, Miss Annie Gladney, Mrs. Martha Gladney, Mr. Robert Ferguson (Elder), Mrs. Janet Ferguson, Mrs. Martha Ferguson.
First Presbyterian Church of Roseville, ladies aid society, Mrs. Thomas McBride, Emma Finley, Dassie Gladney, Mrs. McCrae, Mrs. L. L. King, Annie King To the original members of the church 38 were added by April 1890, part of these were children whose ages are not recorded.

The church flourished in the years that followed with many activities initiated that are with us today. A Sunday School began under the ministry of Reverend W. H. McDonald in 1895. The Ladies Aid Society began calling on the ill in 1905.

It was in 1910 that the church was incorporated as the "First Presbyterian Church of Roseville." The church was blessed by growth under the leadership of Pastor O. L. Linn. The original building was sold to the city and still serves our community as part of Roseville's City Hall.
First Presbyterian Church of Roseville 1911 True to their heritage, the small congregation (now numbering 100) continued "Building for Gods Glory." In 1911 a groundbreaking ceremony was held for what was to be the second Presbyterian Church built on Lincoln Street. During these early years, W. S. Osborn, A. J. Plumb, W. F. Orwell, Thomas McBride, L. Osbye, G. Lang, W. H. Powell, E. Johnston, L. L. King, W. F. Fiddyment, W. A. Clark, and Robert Ferguson were among the leaders in the church.

In the early 1930's Reverend Cyril Carter served as Pastor. His wife, Louise Carter, began an organization for young married women. This organization was later named "Louise Circle" following her death. As part of a rededication ceremony in 1937, the church bell was rung in celebration. Thereafter, the church was referred to as "The Church of the Singing Tower." Reverend Vern Miller led the congregation in celebrating a 52nd anniversary event in 1939.

The 1940's were years of blessing for the church even in the midst of national conflict which took many fathers, husbands, sons and brothers. Reverend W. A. Ellis provided a sound spiritual and financial basis for the church from 1942 to 1946. The next five years saw the church thrive under the leadership of Reverend W. C. McCalmont. During this era the Mariners Club was developed, which continues to enjoy an active program.

First Presbyterian Church of Roseville 1968 More progress and plans occurred in 1961 as the present four acre site at Sunrise and Coloma was purchased. The Lincoln Street building was sold to the Roseville Gospel Tabernacle.

Under the long and fruitful ministry of Reverend C. E. Barnard, the Building Committee paved the way to the church building on Sunrise Avenue. The congregation first to worshipped in the existing sanctuary in May of 1968. Soon after, part of the church's property was provided for a branch library as a service to the community.

While Reverend D. T. Tritenbach served as Pastor, the church provided varied and active programs for the congregation. Music was a focal point as attested by the purchase of the Allen organ.

In 1971, Reverend Frank von Christierson joined the staff and brought the congregation his joyous gift of hymn writing. In 1982 he was elected it's first Pastor-Emeritus.

First Presbyterian Church of Roseville 1987 Reverend Winston R. Hull II became the Senior Pastor in August of 1982.

Growth continued, and in February 1985, Reverend Frank Anderson joined the staff as Associate Pastor.

In 1987 the new sanctuary (worship Center) that exists today was completed.

In 1996 the Family Life center (Gym) was completed.

First Presbyterian Church of Roseville is proud of it's heritage, rich in musical worship with five active choirs, abundant in faith for it's future.

As with many churches, FPC Roseville was not without it controversies.

In 1922, Rev. C. C. Fairfield, during the time when the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) was strong in Roseville, was involved in a cross-burning upon the church roof! Considerable damage was done to the church building. Needless to say, this shocked the membership and the community. The pastor was defrocked and jailed.

In 1952 the very successful ministry of Rev. William McCalmot ended in both personal tragedy and a shock for the chuech when, overextended in helping people, he robbed a couple to provide needed funds and was arrested and defrocked. He was subsequently diagnosed with a mental illness, rehabilitated and served a useful ministry after being reinstated. He continued his friendship with members of the church and frequently visited Jean and Sandy McBride at their cabin.

In the late 1960's differences over some issues (minor ones, as I recall, like guitars and banners in the worship center) divided the Church; Many left FPC of Roseville for the Fair Oaks Presbyterian Church. But the church survived and continued to prosper.

In December of 2007 the church decided to leave the 2 Million member Presbyterian Church USA for the more conservative 70,000 member Evangelical PC. See more.

"Presbyterian Beginnings in Roseville, Claifornia" prepared by Jean and Sandy McBride for the 60 year celebration in 1949

McBride/King/Finley Families:
Jean & Sandy McBride A. Thomas (Sandy) McBride (1915-1996) was the fourth generation of his family in the First Presbyterian Church of Roseville and felt a special attachment to it. He was a lifelong member, serving in numerous leadership positions with the church. His wife, Jean, was superintendent of the sunday school for many years, and active in the Presbyterian Women's organization. Together they sponsored the Polaris Mariner group for 30 years.

Sandy's brother and sister-in law, Kenneth and Ruth McBride were also active in the church and were original sponsors of Merrimac Mariners formed in 1954.

Sandy and Kenneth's Great Grandfather Andrew Ramsey Finley tried to start a church here from 1871-1878 before moving to Santa Anna. Sandy's Grandparents, Emma Finley McBride and Thomas McBride with other local residents were successful in getting the church off the ground in 1882. Finley's niece, Dassie Gladney, was also one of the early members.
Thomas' other Grandfather, L. L. King, was superintendent of the Sunday school in the early years of the church.

His Mother Elva King McBride was also a sunday school teacher.

In a letter to to his former church in Lincoln Co. Missouri, A. R. Finley wrote:

"In 1871 we moved to Roseville and organized a U. P. (United Presbyterian) mission. With the assistance the Board we managed to keep up the organization seven years when, seeing the hopelessness continuing the work among the people there, who were the old California type., 49ers almost entirely, the Board finally gave up the field."

Note: Finley came from a family of ministers. Samuel Finley, his 2nd cousin 4 times removed was a Presbyterian minister and 5th president of the College of New Jersey (now Princeton Univ.); Samuel's brother James was a Presbyterian Minister in Philadelphia and friend of Benjamin Franklin.

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