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G-G-G... Grandparents who helped start churches
Benjamin Hathaway - Donated land for and helped start Morristown NJ Presbyterian 1742

The New Bethel Presbyterian Church in Piney Flats, TN worshiped at the Massengill House of Worship as early as 1777. It was burned by Tories during the American Revolution.

Mathias Woodley was part of the group which incorporated the St. James Episcopal Church in Muncy, PA in 1819.

James Finley - Built the Mt. Zion church, Okete , Lincoln County, MO. (1834)
Andrew Finley - Tried to start a church in Roseville, CA 1870-77
Thomas McBride (Finley's son-in-law) and others established the First Presbyterian Church in Roseville, CA - 1882
Thomas Hellar - Helped to start an Episcopal Church in Hayward, CA in 1888.
Lewis Leroy King - Donated two lots for a Methodist Church in Rosrville and served as superintendent of the Sunday School of the First Presbyterian Church for many years.
Arthur Thomas McBride Jr. and others - Bought land to hold for new Roseville Presbyterian Church site - 196?

G-G-G... Grandparents who were ministers:
Rev. John Webb (b. 1740 Rutherford, NC, d. 1800)
Cousins who were ministers: (Relation to Generation 3 .)
James Finley ( 2nd cousin 8 times removed) Minister in Rock (E. Nottingham) Presbyterian Chrurch, Cecil Co. MD. 1752
Samuel Finley ( 2nd cousin 8 times removed) was a Presbyterian Minister and President of College of New Jersey (now Princeton U.) 1761-1766
Robert Finley ( 4th cousin 6 times removed) Pastor of Basking Ridge, NJ Presbyterian Church 1795-1817

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