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Mathias Woodley
BornAbt. 1755prob. Germany
Movedbef. 1775New Brunswick, Canada 1
Movedbef. 1783To Derry Twp., Northumberland, PA
Marriedbef. 1783?
Movedc. 1805To Muncy, PA
Death16 Jul 1825Muncy Twp., PA
Sarah Kinney
Born11 Mar 1763?
Death17 Aug 1817?
1. Dates and places are guesses derived from Robert Woodley's "Mathias Woodley"
See George Woodley at ancestry

Children: George, David, Mathias, Richard, Sarah, Anthony, Kenerchy, Abraham, Martin, John, Jacob, Rebecca, Hannah

Records in St. James Episcopal Church show that he was a member of the first Vestry (the lay governing body of the church) when it was incorporated in 1819. The unincorporated congregation had been meeting since 1797 in other churches. They didn't build their own church intil 1832 and the current structure, designed by famous architect Richard Upjohn, was build in 1858.

Church records show he died in 1825 but don't say where he was buried. He was probably buried in the St. James cemetery, however a 1890 list of headstones does not show him. Some of the headstones had been moved to the basement of the church (and are cemented over now) and two were missing. A person in the historical society told me a resident had used some of the headstones for her sidewalk.

People at the Muncy Historical Society said that most of the early settlers were German, which supports Robert's Comentary.

In 1830 Anthony Woodley owned a pew in the church.

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In "Mathias Woodley - Comentary " Robert Woodley presents evidence to support theories about the country of origin of Mathias Woodley. He includes the possibility that "Woodley" is a variation of "Woodling" and that he came from Germany .

Sources of Information
Mathias Woodley (1755-1825)
At MyHeritage it lists his father as William Woodley (b. 1722 London England)

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