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Donald McBride & Isabella McDonald


Donald McBride
Born1799Sheanochie, Arran, Scotland
Married?Arran, Scotland
Moved1851New Brunswick, Canada
Death1879Archibald, Restigouche Co., NB Canada
Buried New Mills, New Brunwick
FatherThomas McBride
MotherJanet McMillan
Isabella McDonald
Born1815West Bennen, Arran, Scotland
Moved1851New Brunswick, Canada
Death1891Archibald, New Brunswick Canada
Buried New Mills, New Brunwick
FatherDonald McDonald
MotherMargaret Cook
Children: Thomas, John, Alexander, Janet, Donald, Neil, Christina, Margaret, Isabella, Peter

Donald McBride was born in 1799 in Sheanochie, Arran, Scotland, where he was a farmer. He came to Canada twice, once to see the country before returning with his family. They came to New Brunswick, Canada in 1851 and stayed with the Donald McMillan family for the winter of 1851-52. After that he purchased property in the Nash Creek area and settled down to raise his family and farm. He died in 1879 at Archibald Settlement, New Brunswick and is buried at the New Mills cemetary.

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