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Shannochie, Kilmory & West Bennan, Isle of Arran

Thomas and Janet McBride moved about 1.5 miles during their life from West Bennan (1772-75) to Kilmory (1780-81) to Shannochie (1807-). John McBride (1864-1956) used stones from the original Shannochie house to build a new house on the same property still owned my the McBride family there.
Note: The dates are from birth records; We don't know the actual dates when they moved. The old spelling is "Sheanochie" which is more correct, Shean being "old" and Acha "field".

All thats left of the Old McBride Croft is a few stones from the foundation.

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Stone circle garden put in as part of a TV landscaping show at the McBride home at Shannochie.

See more about Shannochie at Christine McBride's web site for her Self Catering Cottages.

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