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USA States - Regions
No. Calif
Missouri (Sikes, Gard, Webb, Thomas, Finley)
Ohio (Sikes, Gard, Hellar, King)
Pennsylvania (Woodley, Gard, King)

Counties - Cities
Alameda Co. CA (King, Hellar, Lewelling)
Antelope CA (Finley, McBride)
Roseville CA (King, Hellar, McBride)
Roseville Cemetery (King, Hellar, McBride)
Davis (Sikes)
Clear Lake
Davis Cemetery (Sikes)
Tremont Cemetery (Palmer, )
Tremont, Solano Co., CA (Sikes Homestead)
1877 map showing Sikes neighbors
San Lorenzo, CA (Lewelling, Hellar, King)
Fruitvale Section of Oakland, CA (Lewelling, King)
St. Helena, CA (Lewelling)
Napa Valley Tulocay Cemetery (Thomas)
Kelseyville Cemetery
Other States
Sumner Co. KS (Hellar)
Berkley (Taunton), MA (Hathaway)
Springfield, MA, 164? (Sikes)
Milwaukie, Wilamette Valley, OR (Lewelling)
Ohio (Sikes, Gard, Heller, King)
Pennsylvania Counties(Gard, King Woodley)
Muncy, Lycoming Co., PA (Woodley)
Lancaster-Chester Co., PA (King)
NE MD (Hellar)
Haggerstown, Washington Co., MD (Hellar)
Johnson Cty, TN (Massengill)
Sevierville, TN (Thomas)

Other Countries
England (Sikes)
Arran, Scotland (McBride)
  Isle of Arran and Shannochie/Kilmory (McBride)
East Central Scotland
Fifeshire Scotland (Finley)
Scotland Maps at my "places" web site.
New Mills, New Brunswick, Canada (McBride)
Northern Ireland (MacBride, Reihill)
Taiwan (Chien)
Kaohsiung, Taiwan (Chien)

Davis, Roseville, Tremont, Napa Valley Tulocay Cemetery (Thomas), Kelseyville
, San Lorenzo Muncy PA (Woodley)
Kilmorey, Scotland

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