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An article on <A HREF=The St. Helena Viticultural Area states:
"At the end of the 1879 vintage the San Francisco Post ran an article on northern California wines which noted the flavor characteristics of Napa clarets. This article was copied by the St. Helena Star which predicted that there would be 2,000 acres of grapes planted in the Napa Valley in 1880. According to Mr. Sullivan, the final total was closer to 3,000, and concentrated in the St. Helena area.

As early as 1869, San Francisco's Alta California was making reference to a ``St. Helena district,'' as did the Pacific Rural Press. These were references to vineyard plantings in the area. In 1872 the Napa Reporter made reference to the boom in vineyard land around St. Helena. The Alta California ran an article on the area in 1878, treating St. Helena as a specific district with a great reputation. By then Charles Krug, the Beringers, Crane, John Lewelling, H. A. Pellet, and 14 other producers had built cellars in the St. Helena area."

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