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Wilamette Valley, OR

Willamette Valley Milwaukie

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There is a Llewellyn St., Seth Lewelling School and Lewelling Community Park in Milwaukie.
Willamette Valley Milwaukie

The Lewelling orchards were where the Waverley Country Club is today. Their house was just south of the Country Club


Lewelling Cherry Tree
This cherry tree at the Portland Waldorf School is one of the Lewelling trees.
Lewelling Mural
This mural in town depicts the indian encounter during Henderson's wagon trip to Oregon.
The text in the lower left reads:
"November 17, 1847. Henderson Luelling and his son Alfred arrived from Iowa with a special wagon filled with a mixture of 700 ornamental and fruit trees. It is said that a group of hostiles, upon seeing the nature of their cargo, allowed safe passage through their territory"

The text on the Seth's sholder reads:
"Seth Leuelling and Ha Bing developed the Bing Cherry."
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Photos by Arnetta Guion

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