Ringgold is just off Rt 64 on Rt 418 (Ringgold Pike) near the PA border Northeast of Hagerstown. (map)

Ringgold Manor:
Originally owned by General Samuel Ringgold and called "Ringgolds Manor". It seems that the King of England issued a royal charter for Maryland to Lord Calvert. He in turn granted large tracks of land called manors. Gen. Ringgold, being British and a Tory, and becoming encumbered with debts, returned to England.
Acording to the Thomas Swearingen page, the area had originally belonged to George Talbot, who was given 32,000 acres for bringing 100 Irish colonist to America in 1680. The owner of the manor was allowed to collect taxes, hold court and assess fines.

There are several accounts of people who owned land on Ringgold Manor; Some are: Van Swearingen, Ancestors of Hugh Stewart (or Stuart)

Thomas Swearingen page
Genealogy of Hugh Stewart and his descendants

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