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Kelseyville (Lupoyoma) Cemetery Dist
3375 Bell Hill Rd, Kelseyville, CA 95451
Phone: (707)279-1115

Old Cemetery Map

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Gards and Thomas' in the Cemetery:
Name Birth/
Benton Thomas 1866-1938Block 36, Lot 3, in Row 19
Susan Gard Thomas 1862-1939
Charles Gard * 1824-1876 Block 34, Lot 2, in Row 11
Nancy Webb Gard 1834-1925
Charles M Gard 1869-1938
Flossy Lenora Gard 1893-1985
Francis Benton Gard WWII vet- 1902-1991
Fred Leroy Gard 1890-1988
George W Gard 1860-1933
Georgiana Gard 1870-1951
James A Gard 1860-1948
Lydia M Gard 1878-1904
Lloyd Wm Gard 1897 -1986
* Charles was originally buried at the Kelseyville Pioneer Cemetery and moved to the present cemetery later.
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Kelseyville Pioneer Cemetery
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