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Gard Family

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Roger Garde moved from Bideford, Devonshire, England to York, Maine (then called Agamenticus) in 1634, after his wife Philippa died. He sailed on the Pide Cow in May 1634. He served as mayor of York from 1644 to 1645. Details of the next several generations are sketchy.

Roger's son John stayed behind in England and came over some time later.

Joseph moved from Connecticut to Morristown, NJ between 1717 and 1719. Two of his sons, Jeremiah and Daniel, had several sons who served in the Continental Army. One of them, Jacob, was a captain of the NJ State Militia.

Jacob's wife Sarah Hathaway is descended from several other early immigrant families including the Hathaway's, Fairchilds, and Wilbore's.

Gard - Thomas Family Legacy

Different families moved to Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Missouri, and finally California.

Charles and his brother John came to California around 1846 where they fought with Fremont's Army in the Mexican War. In 1849 they went back to Missouri and brought their parents to California. They went back for other families in the 1850's

See the Gardline web site (Surname Index) for more information.


1 Roger Garde (b. CA 1585 Bideford, Devonshire, England; d. 1646 York, Maine)

. 2  John Garde  (b. 1618 Devonshire, England;)

...  3  John Gard II (b. CA 1643 prob. Devonshire, England);

.....  4 Joseph Gard (b. CA 1670/75 (Stonington, CT);)

.......  5 Jeremiah Gard (b. 1715/17 prob. New London Co., CT; d.1783 Morris Co., NJ)

.......  5 Daniel Gard (b.  ABT. 1707/10/11, New London Co., CT; d. 1777, Hanover twp., Morris Co., NJ)

.........  6 Jacob Gard   (b. 1750  Morristown, NJ; d. 1815, Fayette, PA)

...........  7 Noah Gard (b.1774 NJ; d. Sep 1838 Preble Cty, OH)

.............  8 Mahala Gard (b. 17 Dec 1803 Fayette Co., PA; d. (AFTER 1887)Lake Cty, CA)

...............  9 Charles Gard (b. 1824, Dixon, OH; d. 1876, Morgan Valley, CA)

.........  6 Jeremiah Gard (b. 1744, Morristown, NJ; d. 1813, Fayette Co., PA)

...........  7 Levi B Gard (b.1779 PA; d. 1860, Preble Co, OH )

.............  8 Jeremiah Gard (b. 1804 Hamilton Co. OH; d. 1861, San Andreas, Calavaras Co. CA)

...............  9 Charles Gard (b. 1824, Dixon, OH; d. 1876, Morgan Valley, CA)

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