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Benton Thomas & Susan "Fanny" Gard


Benton Lewis Thomas
Born04 May 1866Windsor, Sonoma Co., CA
Moved1875Lake Co., CA
Married28 Dec 1884Kelseyville CA
Death8 Oct 1938Kelseyville, CA
bur: Kelseyville Cem.
FatherHenry Hardin Thomas
MotherNancy Ann Halloway
Ancestry *(1/2 Irish ?), 3/256 English, 1/32 German
Susan Frances "Fanny" Gard
Born7 Mar 1863Stockton, CA
Moved1869/70Lake Co., CA
Married28 Dec 1884Kelseyville, CA
Death2 Dec 1939Finley, CA
FatherCharles Gard
MotherNancy Webb
Ancestry *3/32 German, 15/256 English
* English ancestry is probably much higher, but there are a lot lines which have been in the US since before the Revolution and we cannot trace them back to immigrants.
According to Beryl Nancy Ann Halloway had a thick Irish brogue, so her parents were probably Irish
Children: Delwin Lewis, Alta Eugenia, Clara Edna, Crystal Frances, Verna Vivian.
Family Picture

Mule Team and Thresher Pictures

Benton was a teamster, with a wagon and renowned team of 6 mules. He hauled tanbark to Westport on the coast, lumber to the Abbott Mine, east of Clearlake Oaks, mercury out the mine to the railroad, steel for the bridge crossing Kelsey creek, grain to the railroad in Cloverdale, turtles to gourmet restaurants in San Francisco, water from the famed Bartlett Springs and food to Lake county.

Benton was a colorful character well know in the area. I am collecting Benty Thomas stories. Please let me know if you have one.

Benton was a friend Adam Springs Resort owner Mr. Prather and the family spent many vacations there. His daughter, Clara, met her husband, Alvin Sikes there in 1912.

An interesting note is that Fanny Gard Thomas' GG Grandfather, Isaac Jones (1735-1818) died the day after Benton Thomas' GG Grandfather, Isaac Thomas (1735-1818), and is buried in the Thomas family cemetery in Sevierville TN, along with Isaac Thomas.

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