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We had several wealthy relatives:
Samuel Wilbore (Guard ancestor), a wealthy Boston merchant with his own ship in the 1600's, donated land for Boston Commons.
Benjamin Hathaway (Guard ancestor) a large landowner in Morristown NJ, donated land for the Presbyterian Church and Central Square in Morristown, NJ in 1740.

Henry Massengill and Mary Cobb (Thomas ancestors) were prominent plantation owners with their own statue in eastern Tennessee in the 1700's.

Our real legacy is from a poor Ohio coal miner, Jonathan Sikes, who failed at gold mining around Chico and moved to the Davis area, took up farming and got a land grant for a farm in Tremont, an area eastern Solano county just north of Davis.

Prominent Ancestors:
 Samuel Wilbore 
Hathaway & Fairchild Benjamin Hathaway
   George Soule who came to Plymouth, MA on the Mayflower in 1620
 Henry Massengill and Mary Cobb 
  Joseph Cobb, Jamestown 1613
  Isaac Thomas 
  John Thomas 
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