Source: Cobb Genealogy, and "For His Own Personal Adventure", Stories of the women behind the man who was Judge John Thomas


One account says he was born in England another says Netherlands. At JOSEPH COBB in WikiTree it says his father Richard Cobb was born in Born 1562 in Oxford, Aberdeenshire, Scotland and moved to Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands before 1576.
According to WikiTree Joseph was born in 1588 in Suffolk, England. In 1613 he arrived in the Jamestown Settlement. before Nov 1576. settlement in Virginia on the London Company ship, Treasurer. He settled on land east of the James River. He returned to England and then back to Virginia to prepare for the arrival of his family. His wife, Elizabeth Flinton, and their sons, Benjamin and Joseph, arrived in Virginia in 1625 on the Bonnie Bess. Elizabeth was the sister of a colonial physician named Pharoah Flinton. Pharoah Cobb, who was born sometime before 1641, was named for him. Joseph Cobb was granted 400 acres in Isle of Wight County, Virginia. His Will was executed in 1654, and is probated in Isle of Wight County Will Book A, page 520.

Jamestown was established in 1607 to find gold and a water route to the Orient. After the "starving time" winter 1609/10 during which only 60 the original 500 settlers survived, the London entrepreneurs who funded the settlement, started recruiting people with skills to survive. Joseph Cobb was classified as "a gentleman, entitled by rank to wear a sword and trained by experience to use one." [Ed. Is that the same as "licensed to kill"?]

Joseph was the the G-G-G-G-G-G Grandfather of John Thomas and son of RICHARD COBB, who was born in Aberdeen, Scotland. Richard was educated at Oxford University. Richard served Queen Elizabeth as a member of Henry Championís troop. In 1576 he married Sybil Sheets and settled in Holland.


 1 Joseph Cobb I (b. ca. 1593, Amsterdam; d. 1653 VA)
.+Elizabeth Flinton (b. 1589, Eng.; m. 1609; d. 1656 Isle of Wright Co., VA)
.  2  Pharoah Cobb  (b. ca. 1630 Newport Parish VA; d. 1701)
..   +Ann
..  3  Joseph Cobb III (b. ca. 1670 Nansemond Co. VA; d. 1752)
...   +Susannah Braswell
...  4  Benjamin Cobb (b. ca.  1702; d. 1794 TN)
....  5  Mary Cobb (b. ca. 1735 Bertie, NC; d.abt. 1800 Washington, TN)
.....   +Henry Massengill (b.  ABT. 1720 VA; d. Abt. 1800)
.....  6  Elizabeth Massengill   ( 1761 NC, 1830 )
......   +Isaac Thomas (b. 1735 [VA]; d. 1818, TN)
.......  7 John Thomas (b. 1794 TN; d. 1875, TX)
........  +Hannah Andes (b. 10 Oct 1795, Timberville, VA; d. 20 Jun 1872, Dallas, TX)
.........  8 Henry Massengill (b. 1816 Sevierville, TN; d. 1841 Platte, MO)
..........  +Mary Roberts (b. 1822, AR; d. 1847, Platte, MO)
..........  9 Henry Hardin Thomas (b. 1842, Parkville, MO; d. 1904, Napa, CA)
...........  +Nancy Ann Halloway (b. MO; d. 1872, Sonoma Co., CA)
............  10 Benton Lewis (b. 4 May 1866, Old Windsor; Sonoma Co., CA; d. 1938, Kelseyville, CA )
.............  +Susan Frances "Fanny" Gard (b.  Mar 1863, Stockton, CA; Married: 28 Dec 1884, Kelseyville, CA;
                              d. 2 Dec 1939, Finley, CA)
.............  11  Delwin Lewis Thomas (b. 16 May 1886, Kelseyville, CA ; d. 17 Apr 1940, San Francisco)
.............  11  Alta Eugenia Thomas (b. 28 Jun 1887, Kelseyville; d. 19 Jan 1962, Saratoga, CA)
.............  11  Clara Edna Thomas (b. 11 May 1889, Kelseyville, CA; d. 19 Oct 1966, Davis, CA)
.............  11  Crystal Frances Thomas (b. 29 Mar 1891, Kelseyville; d. 5 Jun 1977, San Jose, CA)
.............  11  Verna Vivian Thomas (b. 27 Apr 1894, Kelseyville; d. 6 Feb 1981, Kelseyville)

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