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There are 39 MacDonald tartans at registered in the Scottish Heritage World Register. See Tartans of Scotland and
424 - Source: Grant No 26, 1886
Called "Ancient Clan MacDonald" in "Clan MacDonald - Your Clan Heritage"
873 - MacDonald of the Isles (Red) MacDonald Lord of the Isles Portrait This is MacDonald of Sleat with an extra black overcheck. The source of tartan 873 was: 'The MacDonald Boys' Hist. H.D. Location: 'The MacDonald Boys' Hist. H.D. Date: 1750

1998 - MacDonald Dress Source: Highland Society of London Date: c.1815 _______________________ MacDonald Dress 1997 Dress The source of tartan 1997 was: W & A K Johnston 2001 Dress source of tartan 2001 was: Coulson Bonner drawing 1998 Dress In 1815, members of the Highland Society of London resolved to request of each of the Highland chiefs, a sample of their clan tartan. The swatches were to be signed and sealed in the chief's own hand. This sett is one of those delivered to the Society between 1815 and 1822. The source of tartan 1998 was: Highland Society of London 927 Hunting Accepted by some. D.C.S. disagrees. See Paton's collection. The source of tartan 927 was: Not attributed 471 MacDonell of Glengarry The Setts No: 112. W & A K Johnston (1906). There is a sample certified by 'Glengarry' in the collection of the Highland Society of London from the period 1815-16 but it is not known whether the threadcount corresponds to MacKays record illustrated here. The source of tartan 471 was: J.G. MacKay No 9

1562 - MacDonald of Kingsburgh Source: Old and Rare (1893) Date: 1746

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