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In 1876 Andrew Ramsey Finley who had property on North Antelope Rd. donated the land at Cook Riolo Rd & PFE rd for the School so his McBride grandchildren and other families in the eastern part of Antelope would only have to go a hop and a skip - 1 1/2 mi for school instead of instead of 4 1/2 miles to the Center Joint School. The school was built the same year.

Note: None of those development roads shown on a current map above existed in 1876.
Bea (Pruett) Gould was a teacher there and Finley's Great, Great Grandson, Bob Anderson was principal.
Four generations of Pruetts, who had property adjoining the school, attended.

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Dry Creek School is located in rural West Roseville and opened in 1876 as a land grant school. Currently, the school is home to 476 students in grades K-5. Dry Creek Elementary draws students from the rural Dry Creek attendance area, West Roseville, and Antelope. We have a dedicated staff which keeps student academic improvement and student well-being on the forefront. Dry Creek Elementary School was honored with the California Distinguished Schools Award in 2006.

Extracurricular programs offered this year include community and class garden projects, an after-school art club, an after-school music club, and lunchtime intramural sports.

Our academic support programs include a before school fluency club, after school math and reading clubs, extended day for kindergarten students, intersession and support from our Learning Center staff including an English Language Development Teacher and Reading Specialist.

Parents play very important roles in the school through their active participation in the classrooms and involvement in the School Site Council, PTA, and various school-sponsored events. Many Dry Creek parents play vital roles in various advisory committees for the district as well. We welcome parents and acknowledge the extremely important role they play at Dry

Current Creekview Ranch School
Dry Creek Joint Elementary School District (DCJESD) Web Page
School Closure:
In 2013, the school board voted to temporarily move the students from the campus to the Creekview Middle School campus until needed upgrades could be made and school enrollments in the district stabilized, (Creekview Middle School was opened in 2008 when the district thought it would need a 3rd middle school but the recession made it so that campus was not being fully utilized). This move was supposed to be a temporary fix until the upgrades could be done.

The school was closed in June 2014, and in May 2017 was listed as surplus property by the school board.

With the real estate market improving, the board decided in February 2018 to put the 10.29-acre parcel up for sale with a price tag of $3.1 million.

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Generations of former students turned out at the Dry Creek Joint Elementary School District Board of Trustees meeting in March to express outrage and sadness over the board's decision to sell the community school. They urged board members to come up with a different solution.
They created two facebook pages to It was sold to the "Melchizedek" Church, an Eastern Orthodox Christian church in December, 2018 for $2,125,000.

Gina Nielsen, district communications officer said the district is working to preserve certain aspects of the school, such as the school's sign and cupola, which will be displayed in the district when a space for it is identified. They have also commissioned professional photographs of Dry Creek Elementary's murals so they can be incorporated in a display honoring the district's original school.

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