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Some Sources of Information

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West Yorkshire Names & DNA Analysis

A 2002 BBC Series Surnames, Genes and Genealogy started with the program There's only one Mr Sykes . It described Bryan Sykes work with DNA tracing the Sikes/Sykes in West Yorkshire or East Lancashire during the middle ages back to a common ancestor.
The Series was produced by Sandra Sykes (BBC Radio in Bristol +44 117 973 2211, and presented by Dr. George Redmonds (+44 1484 603 646,

A report on the DNA analysis presented in this program is at Kings College (

This program also included information from Dr. Redmonds research. He was the first to argue convincingly, using genealogical and distributional evidence, that many locally common, distinctive Yorkshire surnames are monogenetic (from a single ancestor). He published an article "Surnames Around Huddersfield : Their Origins, History & Distribution" in the Huddersfield Examiner in 1975 and developed this work in more detail in his 1997 book Surnames and Genealogy.

Bryan Sykes, Professor of Human Genetics at the University of Oxford, wrote a book "The Seven daughters of Eve" (2001) about his analysis of mitochondrial DNA (passed on to female lines thru DNA in eggs) which traced most Europeans back to 7 common ancestors. A year or so ago he started tracing male descendants thru Y-chromosome DNA at a company, Oxford Ancestors, he started.

See Also: The DNA Project at the Sikes/Sykes Families Association

Documentation of Sikes Family Genealogy

Tremont Cemetary Records at Yolo Co. Archives
Newton Palmer - (b. 9 Jul 1836 NY; d 10 May 1874)

An orbit for Richard S. Woodley
Richart, Caroline's younger brother, "accompanied her to Calif. in 1875 where he remained for a time."

The 1880 Census
Indicates Caroline's second child, Maud, was born in Calif. in 1872 or 1873. [We think this is incorrect.]

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