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Migration of McBride-Finley Ancestors

GenUS ImmigrantTo USA fromStates *Calif Immigrant
10William Finley1720 Ireland **(PA)VA VA VA KY (MO) CA A. R. Finley 1870 - Lincoln Co. MO
10Mary Wallacebef. 1734 Ireland(PA)VA VA VA KY (MO) CA A. R. Finley
7Donald McBride + family1851 Arran, ScotlandArran, ScotlandNB Canada, CA 1870 - Canada
Gen- Generations back from 2000.
* States - States where each generation was born and (lived ).
** Finleys Emigrated from Scotland to Ireland somewhere around 1680
Immigrants Identified: McBride-100%, Finley-12%. See fan charts.

Ships and Ports for Immigrants

A-Arive, D-Depart
James Finley and familyDublin, IrelandNew Castle, Del A. May 1720 on the Eagle Wing
Donald McBride and familyLamlash, Arran, ScotlandNew Brunswick, Canada 1851

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last updated 16 Jun 2002