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James McBride & Jessie Kent


James McBride
Born1865Shannochie, Isle of Arran, Scotland
Moved1879Glasgow, Scotland
Moved1889Durban, South Africa
Married1896Pietermaritzburg, S. Africa
Deathc. 1943S. Africa
Jessie Kent
Married1896Pietermaritzburg, S. Africa
Children: Robert Frank, Cyril James, daughter 1, daughter 2

As a result of the Scottish system of primogeniture (translation: eldest son gets the farm, the rest have to shift for themselves), James had been forced to leave Arran as a young lad of 14 to seek work in Glasgow. His first job was cleaning windows. Family legend has it that the most welcome present he received from home (the family farm Shannochie on Arran) was a sack of Arran potatoes ('tatties').

Some time later the Scottish firm Mackie Dunn & Co (later W Dunn) in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, sent a letter to their principals in Glasgow requesting the services of 'a likely Scots lad' for their Durban office.

James was sent out and, in the classic Scots tradition, proved himself a prudent, hardworking and gifted business man, rising to become managing director of W Dunn & Co, and chairman of the Johannesburg Chamber of Commerce.

Johannesburg at that time was the gold mining centre of the world: South Africa supplying 70% of the world's supply).

When the White Lions of the Timbavati Game Reserve on the western edge of Kruger National Park were discovered in the mid-1970s they became the subject of much interest and debate. The story of the "White Lions of the Timbavati" has been told by several people, most notable of whom was Mr. Chris McBride, who published two books about the phenomenon.
  Chris was the son of Timbavati member Cyril McBride who at the time, together with his brother Robert - owned the farm Vlakgezicht.
  Although there are currently no white lions in the reserve, the recessive gene causing this unusual phenomenon is still carried by the local prides, which are still paler than most other lions by comparison.
See Timbavati Private Game Reserve.

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