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Sikes Families in The US
There are at least three documented early Sykes families in America in the 1600ís:
John Sikes of Virginia, arrived about 1636,
Richard Sikes of Massachusetts, arrived about 1639,
and Bernard Sykes came to Virginia about 1690.  

  Sikes and Sykes in the Southeastern United States 
    at the Sikes/Sykes Family Assn. Site. 

John - 1615 -   
 John Sikes was born about 1615 in Eng. He immigrated in 1637 to America. 
1637 Bought 300 ac in upper Norfolk on East Branch of Elizabeth River, VA. 
1642: Bought 746 ac in Isle of Wight Co., VA 

Dennis Maguire - 

Other Southern Sikes/Sykes who may or may not be connected to John
Samson b 1791 NC ?
  John b. 1822/23 TN ?
Arthur bc 1794 NC
  William b 1818 TN

"Ancestral History of Arthur and Samson Sykes of Stewart Co.", 1997, Tennessee,
by Henry Colyer Sykes, 
 Arthur and Samson moved from Anson Co., NC to Stewart Co. TN between 1810 and 1815

Henry Sykes, (William, Richard, John F.) b: 1818 in Alamance Co. NC
"Henry and Mary Sykes Family" by Mary Ellis

"Sykes 1815 - 1975" Isaiah Joshua Sykes (b: 1815 NC; d:187?)
 lived in Carroll Co. Miss.
by, Mabel Smith Sykes

Soloman Sikes (b; 1820 FL; d; 1879)
"Meet your Cousins Sikes" by Florence Padgett Sikes

Vara Sykes Wallace (Walton Dill Sykes, James Sykes, James B. Sykes, Arthur Sikes)
W. D Sikes Historical Museum - Dover, Stewart Co. TN
Captain James Parrish Sykes - 1870 born 19 April 1817 in Virginia,
   and died 13 November 1870. 
John b. 1750 VA
  James b. 1782, VA
  John b. 1784 NC
John - Burlington Co. NJ from Devonshire Eng. 1683
  Sykesville NJ named after George

1. John -1683 Immigrated in 1683
 2. Samuel -1887 Immigrated in 1683
  3. John 1682-1771 Immigrated in 1683
    + Johanna Murfin
    4. Anthony 1717-1783
     + Mary Newbold
      5. Thomas 1764-
        + Mary Lawrie
        6. George 1802-1880  
      5. Mary
        + John Curtis
        6. John Sykes Curtis
If you look at the 1880 census there are a lot if first generation Sikes
  in PA, MI, and other states.

Henry - Huddersfile Eng. to Jefferson Co. PA 1864

Henry M Sikes - b 8 Nov 1817 Huddersfile Eng.; d 23 Apr 1893 Salem OR
+Rebecca Bilger
  Came  from England in 1864 to Henderson township, to Jefferson Co.
  Then to Indiana Co.
   They operatd the first wolen mill in this area.
   Their son Jacob moved to what later bacame Sykesville, PA in 1844.
Sources of Information: 
  Steve Kenney, Hamilton VA
Other Sikes/Sykes Family Groups:

Grand Sikes/Sykes Family Association. Meets in TN each September.

John Sikes Family of Prince George Co., VA.  Meets in Virginia each summer.

Books and Businesses:

Titus (b: 1726 Suffield, CT) (Victory, VIctory, RIchard)
  "American Ancestore & Descendants of Jacob Sykes III (1829-1910)", 2001
     by Dorothy Dana McEnaney, Windsor VT  
       (self published manuscript)
   Sykes Lineage from Titus and Rhoda (Miller) Sykes,
     by Marilyn Appling Owen, Tehama CA
Victory (b: 1801 VT) (Victory, Titus, Victory, Victory, Richard)
  "Sykes - Aldous Family History" by Bill Canaan, Bellingham, WA
  "Victory Sykes of Dorset, Vermont" 1993, by Diane Scannell, San Antonio, TX

Edwin (b: 1825, Somers, CT; d. 1867, Buffalo, NH)
  (Horace, Abel, Rubin, John, Nathaniel, Increase, Richard)
Sikes Chair Co. Buffalo NY

Zenas Jr. (b: 1829, Westhampton, MA; d. 1881, San Diego, CA) 761-6, p 164
 (Zenas, Pliny, Abner, Benjamin, Increase Jr., Increase, Richard)
 moved: 1837 with family to MI, 1850 to Sacramento, CA, bef. 1853
 to Santa Clara Co. CA,  bef. 1872 to San Diego
Sikes Adobe Historic Farmhouse, San Diego
Link to Sikes Adobe Historic Farmhouse at Sikes Families web site
Ancestors & Descendants of Zenas Sikes Jr., 2004, by Ronald Myers Hall 
  (self published manuscript)


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